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Corsets, which have been squeezing their way back into fashion (“Hold Your Breath: They’re Back,” trumpeted The New York Times three months ago) are precise garments to make. They have a lot of small pieces, curved seams, gussets, grommets and laces, decorative piping and tabs, and handmade fabric bone casings that hold the plastic, spiral steel or rigid spring steel stays. (Whalebone went out more than a century ago.) Oh, and they must be carefully fitted to the body. They have little in common with an apron or pajama pants, which are the typical sewing projects for novices. But Park, Morris and five others braved the intricacies of the period undergarments. First, teams of two made a corset adapted for modern bodies and modern theater practices for use in 17th- or 18th-century plays. These were made from coutil, a strong fabric resistant to piercing from stays, and featured a row of decorative bound tabs at the hem. Each student did her final project alone, making a corset from the late 19th or early 20th century out of fashion fabric backed by coutil. Instructor JoEllen Skinner, who carefully inspected the work for quality, was thrilled at how well everyone did.

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